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AFB has been a certified Training Body since 2000, when it was awarded a quality seal by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations.



"The interaction between the trainer and the students left me more confident and at ease to interact and better prepared for real life situations in which I have to apply the acquired knowledge. The roleplay moments, although more "stressful", are interesting and important. The face-to-face moments, despite the difficulties regarding scheduling, are also important.

The dynamic between students and the trainer is very positive. The fact that we are all at the same level makes the learning process easier. I would like to attend another training course to acquire more and new skills, as well as improve my professional performance and personal development.


French Language, Portugal





"What I like most about AFB is the possibility of taking classes online, which means I can do this anywhere I like and adjust classes to my daily schedule. I also have access to the e-learning platform which allows me to complete the exercises in a structured way. I was very pleased with my results but no one better than the teacher to comment on this.

The pedagogical quality is very high, reading comprehension exercises include appropriate texts based on real-life situations that make understanding the information a much easier process, without losing focus of the proposed learning objectives. In what concerns the relationship with the AFB team, I have only one word: EXCELLENT !!"


Joaquim Núncio - Florestal - Áreas Operacionais
The Navigator Company


"The decision to choose AFB to give French language courses at our premises, and now an English course as well, was clearly the right one, because the return for trainees – in terms of satisfaction with the results and pedagogical quality – has been very positive.

The excellent relationship with the trainers, who have been untiring in their search for the best solutions and training alternatives for different scenarios, which are sometimes very specific and require maturity, proactivity, decision-making and management skills, has consistently defined our partnership.

Based on this return, and our excellent relationship with AFB as a whole, from the trainers to the coordinating team and back-office staff, Lusoponte will seek to continue this partnership."


Mário Basto


"It was thanks to AFB and its excellent team of professionals that I was able to learn French from scratch to a level that now means I can do my job in France.

I believe that its teaching method, materials, website, and above all the quality of its team and the dedication given to each student, make it possible to move forward quickly when learning a new language.

I would also like to thank the AFB team for all the dedication they gave me while learning French."


António Nunes, Setúbal,


"As well as the academic teaching of Portuguese offered by AFB, there are real pedagogical gains about the country, Portugal, achieved by reading the press, selected based on conversations I had with Portuguese decision-makers and cultural events happening in the country. The method offered by AFB enables me not only to speak Portuguese but also to be better connected to the country’s economic and social life. This is clearly as important as speaking the beautiful language of Portuguese properly.”

"Au delà de l’ apprentissage académique du Portugais proposé par AFB, il y a un réel apport pédagogique sur le Portugal, qui se fait au travers de lecture de la presse, sélectionnée en fonction des conversations que je suis amené à avoir auprès des décideurs Portugais, ainsi que certains événements culturels. La méthode proposée par AFB me permet non seulement de parler en Portugais mais d’être plus en connection avec la vie économique et sociale du Portugal. C’est certainement tout aussi important que de parler correctement cette belle langue qu’est le Portugais."


Laurent Diot, Director
Renault Portugal, SA


"Our experience with AFB goes a long way back, which shows how much we trust the quality and effectiveness of the services it provides. The different types of language learning offered by AFB are very important to respond to each type of trainee in the best way possible. The quality of its trainers and the French coordinator and our main point of contact, Véronique Cardoso, in particular, reassures us about the quality of the learning, as proven in the results achieved by our trainees. Another aspect we appreciate is AFB’s understanding of our situation and knowing that we can rely on it to be flexible when necessary. We feel a true spirit of service from the whole AFB team, with a constant concern to meet our needs as well as possible. In short, we work with AFB in a true partnership."


Luísa Fonte, Training Manager, Human Development Department
Auchan Portugal Hipermercados


"The business relationship we have with AFB has been highly beneficial, particularly for the positive feedback we get from our staff and the results we have achieved. More than a supplier, AFB is our partner in selecting the different training and courses established in our annual training plan.

These are the main reasons why we keep pursuing this partnership:

  • Training adapted to our needs;
  • Quality of the trainers;
  • E-learning platform."


Marta Serra, Institutional Communications and B2C Officer
Allianz Global Assistance


"When we go to a country and we don't speak the language, we need reassurance. From the very first moments of my course with AFB, I really appreciated that I was seen as a unique individual and AFB’s concern with understanding my history to adapt the training to my needs. Pedagogically speaking, alternating between lessons, where the oral part plays the biggest role, and working on the platform, which helps us absorb the learning, is a method that worked perfectly for me. The teacher is able to alternate between more intense moments of learning and more fun times, which means I haven't suffered while learning. In my opinion, AFB is a highly professional language school, but above all it has a human scale where the learner is seen as an individual and not as just any student."


Emmanuel Léger, Head of Logistics
Leroy Merlin


"We have been partners with AFB since 2007 because:

  • From the very beginning AFB demonstrated that it was a company to be trusted, one that guarantees pedagogical quality in its training, helping our teams to develop
  • It’s very flexible in terms of times and locations for training, with trainers all over the country, catering to our needs
  • Because they’re always present, AFB trainers are already part of our team"


Ana Ramos, Training Manager


"Everything is going well. My teacher is friendly and patient. I really appreciate her. The gradually more difficult lessons work well for me. She is also interested in students’ personal lives and this enriches the language learned, even creating a friendship at personal level. The freedom of work is better for me and I can follow at the pace I want. And that’s important because unless you want to, you can’t learn. I’m looking forward to being in Portugal to improve my learning."


Robert Machet, a French speaker in Paris


"The integration and continuous training we offer our new members of staff and those who are already with us are fundamental for their development. With cooperation spanning more than a decade, AFB has been our chosen partner to help us develop our staff’s foreign language skills. Over the past two years, AFB has enabled us to introduce the b-learning method, a type of training that combines classroom teaching with personalised distance learning over an interactive platform driven by specialised trainers. This method has been very productive, the interactivity and the appealing content stand out, and it is flexible training, adapted to each trainee’s pace. As a multinational company with a frequent expatriate policy, we have also received support from AFB in receiving expat staff and their families, helping them integrate into Portuguese culture and language. These are the main reasons that have led us to choose this partner’s services."


Paula Negrão, Head of Training
Banco Cetelem SA


"It has been a great pleasure working in partnership with AFB; that’s how we at Ferring see this supposedly business relationship. Of all the training experiences I’ve had before, AFB stands out for its drive and innovative nature of the services it offers. But it’s the professionalism and dedication of the trainers that make all the difference; they’re more than trainers in some cases, even becoming our friends. It’s a pleasure working with AFB!"


António Caio, General Director
Ferring Farmacêutica

Some of the businesses that have entrusted AFB with their training:

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