"Because the future speaks many languages"

AFB’s mission is to train global citizens who have essential skills for success in the workplace. AFB’s solutions are based on the most up-to-date research in education and use motivation to increase trainees’ ability to learn.

A motivated trainee learns three times quicker than an unmotivated trainee. Our efforts involve creating stimulating training that lets trainees be active and responsible for their learning.

The success of the training provided by AFB, after more than 80,000 hours of training, can be explained by the following principle:

To be effective, training must motivate

The methods that we apply focus on:

  • The capacity to effectively meet specific training needs;
  • Creating content adapted to each trainee;
  • Personalised contact between trainee and trainer.



Coordinating Team

Anne-France Beaufils Véronique Govin Ana Sofia Pacheco

Anne-France Beaufils

Véronique Govin

Ana Sofia Pacheco

General Manager Education Coordinator Bright Language Test Coordinator
PhD in Didactics for Languages and Culture
University of the Sorbonne
Course in Conference Interpreting and Master’s in History
University of Rennes
Master’s in Linguistics and Teaching
University of Coimbra


Made-to-measure business

Practical course for customer service


testes internacionais

International Tests

Bright Language proficiency tests

Some of the businesses that have entrusted AFB with their training:

Algumas das empresas que confiaram a sua formação à AFB